All the latest activity from Swerve.

Jim Fiscus – The Loudest Voice

29th July 2019


Paul O’Connor – Matilda

23rd July 2019

Love Beauty and Planet

Caroline Leeming – Love Beauty and Planet

17th July 2019

vista jet

Alex Cretey Systermans – Vista Jet, Europe

15th July 2019

peaches and nectarines for waitrose

Dan Jones – Waitrose ‘Harvest’, July 2019

10th July 2019


Nick Hall – Hemlibra

5th July 2019


Peter Beavis – Rodeo

3rd July 2019

Spring Shoes

Caroline Leeming – Stylist Magazine

28th June 2019

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Paul O’Connor – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

26th June 2019

Top Gear on BBC by Alexander Rhind

Alexander Rhind – Top Gear

24th June 2019

French Guiana for Monocle

Alex Crétey Systermans – French Guiana for Monocle

19th June 2019

Swerve Welcomes Sarah Cresswell

12th June 2019

Telegraph Luxury Magazine

Tif Hunter – Telegraph Luxury Magazine

7th June 2019

Adidas Football 302 Redirect

Peter Beavis – Adidas Football

5th June 2019

Kingdom on Netflix by Jim Fiscus

Jim Fiscus – Kingdom for Netflix

22nd May 2019

AOP Awards 2019

AOP Awards 2019

15th May 2019

Waitrose Harvest Magazine May 2019

Dan Jones – Waitrose Magazine ‘Harvest’, May 2019

8th May 2019

Harrods Luxury Fragrances

Caroline Leeming – Harrods

1st May 2019

sunkissed girl

Swerve welcomes Sophie Harris-Taylor

25th April 2019

Peter Beavis – Gore-Tex SS19 Campaign – Stills + Film

19th April 2019

Waitrose Magazine Harvest

Dan Jones – Waitrose ‘Harvest’, April 2019

11th April 2019

Alexander Rhind – New Personal

3rd April 2019

Brexit Protest

Paul O’Connor – Brexit March, London 23.03.19

27th March 2019

Natwest Ad

Alex Crétey Systermans – Natwest

21st March 2019

luxury brooches

Caroline Leeming – 1843 Magazine

15th March 2019

British Bricks

Tif Hunter – Bricks

8th March 2019

Nespresso Costa Rica

Nick Hall – Nespresso Costa Rica

5th March 2019

Globe Trotter Riveria SS19

Caroline Leeming – Globe-Trotter

1st March 2019

adidas energy mode

Alexander Rhind – Adidas Energy Mode

25th February 2019


Paul O’Connor – Asda

20th February 2019

couple hugging in fairy lights

Peter Beavis – Love Is In The Air

14th February 2019

15 minute vegan on a budget

Dan Jones – 15 Minute Vegan ‘On A Budget’

10th February 2019


Alex Crétey Systermans – Uber

6th February 2019

Tidelands Netflix

Jim Fiscus – Tidelands

5th February 2019

M.Hulot Bags

Caroline Leeming – M.Hulot Bags

30th January 2019

Rowers Training

Peter Beavis – Rowers

25th January 2019

Alex Crétey Systermans – Life

20th January 2019

Shell V Power Racing Team

Nick Hall – Shell V Power

15th January 2019

Swerve welcomes Tif Hunter

10th January 2019

Trail Running in Dartmoor

Alexander Rhind – Trail Running

1st January 2019

Christmas Still Life

Dan Jones – Christmas Feast

24th December 2018

Space NK Christmas Calendar

Caroline Leeming – Space NK Christmas

20th December 2018

Barclays Mobile Banking Advert

Alex Crétey Systermans – Barclays

15th December 2018

Dan Jones – Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape

10th December 2018


Caroline Leeming – Esquire

5th December 2018

woman with blue headphones on

Mark Leary – Headphones

30th November 2018

Green trainers, sportswear

Alexander Rhind – Adidas Barcelona

25th November 2018


Peter Beavis – Skate

20th November 2018

bristol bay alaska

Nick Hall – Alaska

15th November 2018

couple leaving maternity hospital with new baby

Alex Crétey Systermans – Mothercare

10th November 2018

Women working out, fitness bootcamp

Paul O’Connor – Fitness Bootcamp

5th November 2018

tug of war portrait

Alexander Rhind – Tug of War

30th October 2018

Byredo Blanche Fragrance photographed by Caroline Leeming for Space NK

Caroline Leeming – Bryedo for Space NK

25th October 2018

French Guy Cooking portrait by Dan Jones

Dan Jones – French Guy Cooking

20th October 2018

Yellow Hyundai Creta Car driving through Atacama Desert

Nick Hall – Hyundai Creta

15th October 2018

boy at the window looking at cityscape

Alex Crétey Systermans – The Adventures of Hank for En Route

10th October 2018

insurance advert

Mark Leary – Saga

6th October 2018

Caroline Leeming – Textures

3rd October 2018

Lundy Climber

Alexander Rhind – Lundy Climbers

28th September 2018

Nick Hall – Nespresso

21st September 2018


Alex Crétey Systermans – ‘Familiar’ Unseen Images

15th September 2018

Whole Foods, Amazon, Food Photography, Condiments

Dan Jones – Whole Foods

10th September 2018

red paddle campaign, paddleboarding on lake

Alexander Rhind – Red Paddle Co

5th September 2018

Jim Carrey Kidding portrait

Jim Fiscus – Kidding for Showtime

1st September 2018

marks and spencers gif

Caroline Leeming – M&S

29th August 2018

Paul O’Connor – Farleigh Swimming Club

20th August 2018


Mark Leary – Wildlife

15th August 2018

summer bbq for waitrose magazine

Dan Jones – Waitrose BBQ

10th August 2018

Alex Crétey Systermans – Japan for En Route Magazine

5th August 2018

Girl at a festival

Paul O’Connor – Carnival

30th July 2018

car photography

Alexander Rhind – Land Rover

20th July 2018

girls playing on swing in park

Peter Beavis – Cornwall

17th July 2018

Jim Fiscus – Sacred Games for Netflix

11th July 2018


Dan Jones – New Work

5th July 2018

Contemporary Still Life Photography

Caroline Leeming – Flora Lux

1st July 2018

Cold Blooded, Adidas Football, Alexander Rhind

Alexander Rhind – Adidas Football

27th June 2018

red rock, sardinia, island, travel, holiday, sunset, location, sky, clouds

Alex Crétey Systermans – Refugees in Sardinia for AFAR

15th June 2018


Mark Leary – Shoes

13th June 2018

makeup, beauty, pastel, pink, product, john lewis

Caroline Leeming – John Lewis Beauty Edit

9th June 2018

friends out at a party

Paul O’Connor – Nights Out

5th June 2018

hellmanns, mayonnaise, food, foodie, blue, eat, still life, advertising, campaign, dan jones, burger

Dan Jones – Hellmanns

1st June 2018

Animal Portrait

Jim Fiscus – Sweet Olive Farm

25th May 2018

tom ford

Caroline Leeming – Welcome!

21st May 2018

fashion lifestyle editorial

Alex Crétey Systermans – “Light & Shade” for Monocle

17th May 2018

fashion lifestyle editorial

Alex Crétey Systermans – “Bright & Breezy” for Monocle

14th May 2018

porsche car

Mark Leary – The Porsche

1st May 2018


Peter Beavis – Communication Arts Annual 2018

27th April 2018

sea and sand

Nick Hall – New Travel & Lifestyle

23rd April 2018

portrait of children on sofa

Alex Crétey Systermans – IKEA Switzerland

17th April 2018

Paul O’Connor – Family Life

5th April 2018

spaghetti in a bowl

Dan Jones – Cookbook : 15 Minute Vegan ‘Comfort’

21st March 2018

nivea sports campaign

Alexander Rhind – Nivea Men

14th March 2018

friends having cocktails

Nick Hall – Cocktails in Buenos Aires

13th March 2018

mothers day

Dan Jones – Tesco ‘Mothers Day’

11th March 2018

cresta run, snow, athlete, location, sports

Alexander Rhind – Cresta Run

1st March 2018


Alex Crétey Systermans – Vista Jet

22nd February 2018

billions, showtime, tv, television, portrait, advert, advertising, drama, food, actors, studio, celebrities

Jim Fiscus – Billions

15th February 2018

footballer playing

Peter Beavis – Adidas

9th February 2018

underwater gif

Mark Leary – New Moving Content

6th February 2018


Dan Jones – Asda

2nd February 2018

adidas football players in black and white

Alexander Rhind – Adidas

30th January 2018


Alexander Rhind – Speedo

22nd January 2018

elderly couple in back and white

Paul O’Connor – Healthcare campaign

12th January 2018

Couple driving car

Nick Hall – IPA Photo Awards – 2nd Place

9th January 2018


Alex Crétey Systermans – Enroute

5th January 2018

shameless last supper

Jim Fiscus – Christmas with Shameless (Part 2)

20th December 2017

shameless last supper

Jim Fiscus – Christmas with Shameless (Part 1)

20th December 2017

mccains advertisement

Dan Jones – McCains Roasties

11th December 2017


Alex Cretey Systermans – NS&I

9th December 2017

christmas cookies

Dan Jones – Amazon

21st November 2017

child sleeping on sofa

Paul O’Connor – Amazon

21st November 2017

kayak in water

Alexander Rhind – Kayak adventures

18th November 2017

brazilian teenagers playing football outside in the sun

Peter Beavis – Football in Rio

15th November 2017


Dan Jones – Rhubarb & Rose

9th November 2017

british airways travel advertisement

Mark Leary – British Airways ‘Caribbean’ Campaign

7th November 2017

man eating

Dan Jones – Cookbook : Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape

30th October 2017


Nick Hall – Double Winner at the 2017 AOP Awards

12th October 2017

Dan Jones – Organic Trade Board

27th September 2017

Jim Fiscus Joins Swerve

18th September 2017

Peter Beavis Joins Swerve

18th September 2017

pine cones on tree

Mark Leary : A postcard from Greece, Part 2

11th September 2017

people on beach in sunshine

Mark Leary : A postcard from Greece, Part 1

10th September 2017

car driving fast down road

Nick Hall – Audi series in Scotland

8th September 2017


Alex Crétey Systermans – New York Times

5th September 2017


Alexander Rhind – new personal series ‘Waterpolo’

1st September 2017

Jo Birthday, camping, summer fun, child, family, girl

Paul O’Connor – Summer Family Fun

31st August 2017

fisherman at sea working

Nick Hall – Travel Story from Alaska

20th August 2017

exterior, details, tent, matress, bed, blow up bed, grass, green, nature, camping

Mark Leary – new interior series ‘Tent’

8th August 2017

cat meowing

Alex Crétey Systermans – New imagery for ‘Familiar’

30th July 2017

man riding bike in suit

Alexander Rhind – Vulpine

20th July 2017


Dan Jones – Spice for Life Cookbook

29th June 2017

boy crossing arms

Paul O’Connor – Southside Families, Part II

15th June 2017

daughter on dads back

Paul O’Connor – Southside Families, Part I

14th June 2017

woman swimming

Alexander Rhind – Virgin Active #MakeYouFeel

10th June 2017


Mark Leary – Exhibition Series titled “Undertaking”

30th May 2017

Couple driving car

Nick Hall – Car Lifestyle Series

27th May 2017

food styling

Dan Jones – Lucy Bee Cookbook

22nd May 2017

Alexander Rhind : New Personal Moving Image

7th May 2017

woman in kitchen

An interview with Alex Crétey Systermans

19th April 2017

mountains landscape clouds

Mark Leary – new series from Innsbruck, Austria

16th April 2017

food styling

Dan Jones – Cookbook : 15 Minute Vegan

5th April 2017

athlete running

Alexander Rhind – Strength and Form

1st April 2017

mother doing up childs winter coat

Paul O’Connor – Legal & General

15th March 2017

girl playing in blossoms

Alex Crétey Systermans – Spring in Paris

6th March 2017

hazda tribe

Nick Hall – Hazda Tribe for The Nature Conservancy

1st March 2017

chef portrait

Dan Jones – Cookbook : £1 Meals

22nd February 2017

virgin active

Alexander Rhind – Virgin Active’s #FeelIt campaign

9th February 2017

kayak on lake

Nick Hall – SealLine drybags shot in Canada

23rd January 2017

portrait of local band

Mark Leary – Caribbean Scenes

20th January 2017

girls playing in bedroom den

Paul O’Connor – M&S Energy

15th January 2017

man pouring glass of whiskey

Nick Hall – Flor de Caña rum

10th January 2017

cyclist portrait, woman on bike

Mark Leary – #ThanksForChecking

8th December 2016

cycling in the alps

Alexander Rhind – Vulpine Cycling

1st December 2016

british airways holiday ad

Mark Leary – British Airways second release

2nd November 2016

children walking through national park

Nick Hall – National Parks for The Nature Conservancy

30th October 2016

Stephen Lenthall with sculptor Wilfrid Wood

25th October 2016

woman diving underwater

Nick Hall – International Photography Awards

11th October 2016

children celebrating

Paul O’Connor – Junior Football League

8th October 2016

portrait of chris on a bike hoy

Alexander Rhind – Chris Hoy / Vulpine

17th August 2016

man and woman talking at a bar

Nick Hall – Luxury Lifestyle in Mexico

27th July 2016

Mark Leary – Films for British Airways

5th July 2016


Alex Crétey Systermans – New York Times

22nd June 2016

man having cycling clothes fitted on bike

Alexander Rhind – Rapha Cycling

17th June 2016

Paul O’Connor – Family Reunion

22nd April 2016

surfer riding wave

Alexander Rhind – Audi Surf Snowdonia

8th March 2016

man on laptop

Paul O’Connor – Holiday Inn

31st January 2016

Paul O’Connor – Legal and General

12th December 2015

old man smiling and holding flowers

Mark Leary – Sri Lanka

30th November 2015

man sitting on bench at the seaside

Alex Crétey Systermans – New York Times

25th October 2015

father and baby looking out of window

Paul O’Connor – AOP Award Winner

14th October 2015

man with falcon in desert

Alexander Rhind – Abu Dhabi Falconers

14th August 2015

fairground ride at night british airways ad

Mark Leary – British Airways ‘Inspire Us’

4th June 2015

portrait, black portrait, sport portrait, sport, ball, basketball, player, studio portrait, location portrait, portraiture, play, jump, jumping, hoop, goal, scoring a goal,

Alexander Rhind – Basketball series

27th February 2015

Paul O’Connor – Creative Circle Awards

1st January 2015