David Oxberry - David Oxberry – Terry’s Cherries

28 March 2017
David Oxberry

David Oxberry presents a new series: ‘Terry’s Cherries’

Modern life demands ever smaller more convenient devices, but how would this affect the humble cherry? Nobody wants smaller cherries but the trees they’re grown on have shrunk from 60 ft in the 1950’s, the heyday of British fruit production, to just 6ft today. Dwarf stock trees covered in nets make life easier for the farmer and harder for the birds that feast on the delicious bounty. Not so here tucked away in this corner of Kent where Terry still shins 60 ft up the rickety ladders to retrieve the tastiest cherries you’ll ever eat. Terry is one of the last doing it the way it’s been done since the Romans first brought cherries to these shores. When Terry goes, so will these magnificent trees and the sound of his rattling bird scarer, but for now, for 6 weeks of every year you’ll find Terry up where only the Starlings dare to go.

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