Stephen Lenthall – Brutalism in Nature

1st February 2017

Stephen Lenthall unveils a new personal project in collaboration with props and set designer, Kerry Hughes. Inspired by real brutalist buildings found in natural settings, the two set about recreating some of their favourite pieces of architecture:



I am a fan of Brutalist architecture, but it’s presence in the urban environment has not always been welcomed by everyone. The bold use of monolithic concrete forms from the mid 20th Century was innovative and exciting, but didn’t necessarily create desirable places to live and work.

The visual impact of these powerful forms can be reduced by the proximity of other buildings of similar scale. I think brutalism really shines in the natural environment, with it’s strong geometric lines rising from the organised chaos of nature.

With this series I aimed to explore this contrast, and this inspired maker/art director and fellow Brutalism fan Kerry Hughes to create scenes based on existing buildings using a variety of materials.


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