All the latest activity from Swerve

Alexander Rhind – Audi e-tron

Sophie Harris-Taylor – Versus Arthritis

Alex Cretey Systermans – In Isolation

Sophie Harris-Taylor – Milk

Dan Jones – Wingmans

Sarah Cresswell – Amber Rose Gill

Mark Leary – A Moment Either Side

Alex Crétey Systermans – FT Magazine

Mark Leary – In Isolation

Alexander Rhind – In Isolation

Mark Leary – Cadbury Easter

Sophie Harris-Taylor – In Isolation

Studio / Home Location Shoots

Image Syndication

Alexander Rhind – Wheely

Caroline Leeming – Jo Loves Hand Care

Alex Crétey Systermans – Monocle

Alexander Rhind – Jaguar

Alexander Rhind – Bike Trials

Mark Leary – Finisterre

Peter Beavis – Adidas

Caroline Leeming – Harrods

Paul O’Connor – Social Care

Dan Jones – One Pound Meals

Tif Hunter – Cornwall

Dan Jones – Waitrose Harvest December

Tif Hunter – Men’s Health Luxe

Sarah Cresswell – Mahalia

Alexander Rhind – Gillette

Alex Crétey Systermans – New Work

Dan Jones – Gino’s Italian Express

Caroline Leeming – Tanqueray

Sarah Cresswell – Royal Ballet

Nick Hall – American Airlines

Paul O’Connor – Family Lifestyle

Dan Jones – Waitrose ‘Harvest’, November 2019

Peter Beavis – Adidas Football AW19

Alexander Rhind – Audi

Mark Leary – In Transit – Film

Nick Hall – Crystal Cruises

Caroline Leeming – Chanel Rouge – Film

Peter Beavis – About You x Adidas

Dan Jones – Waitrose ‘Harvest’, October 2019

Caroline Leeming – Harpers Bazaar

Sophie Harris-Taylor – She London

Alexander Rhind – Gymshark

Sophie Harris-Taylor – Sport England

Alex Cretey Systermans – The Dead Sea for AFAR