Award winning British Photographer Dylan Collard joins Swerve Represents. Shooting environmental portraiture both in the studio and on location, Dylan Collard creates bodies of work that beautifully capture the narrative with a strong production aesthetic.

Living With Dogs

Location portraiture series photographing dogs and their loving owners.

All In This Together

A personal series that considers the individual during the Covid crisis, exploring themes of community and collective isolation.

My Works Life

Photographed during the national lockdown, My Works Life is a personal project combining a series of portraits alongside still life collages of sentimental belongings.

Creative People

Portrait project celebrating creatives in all areas of the arts, crafts, business, education, commerce and design.

Ages Of Us

On-going documentary series exploring the process of ageing, the effects of that unstoppable process on our physical being and how our attitudes, conscience, hope, aspirations and desires change as we go through the stages of life.


A personal project examining belonging, privacy, security and the idea of the age old sentiment “a man’s home is his castle”.

Black Dogs

Studio project studying the beauty, power, grace and character of the Black Dog

To see more of Dylan’s work, visit our website

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